Play at the pool, swim at the pond, stargaze at the treehouse, hold your event at the stage gazebo, rest at the tipi.



Swim or relax. Atlantis is your oasis in the woods.

Enjoy the parachute protected pool set in the woods. Use the deck to relax or grill up some food. Relax in the hot tub or rejuvenate in the sauna. It's all here at Atlantis. Want to reserve quiet alone time? Just ask!


Pond and the Mammy Tree

Splash or sit quietly

Why not make a splash and swim out to the floating platform, or just take it easy and sit quietly under the old oak, who has seen generations pass and looks on to us and future generations.


There are many hidden treasures on the land around you. Have you seen the secret spring fed pond full of lily pads? The mini cypress grove? The bamboo patch? the labyrinths? the treehouse? 

Walk around and explore


Shhhh.... What's that???

It's not uncommon to see deer, hear coyotes, be serenaded by birdsong and frogsong alike, see a raccoon or squirrel or be fascinated by our most magical and harmless web weavers. 


Please respect our living companions on property as there are very few things here which might harm you. Probably the peskiest critters be the ants so take a look before you sit in the grass!


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